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Development of tactical intelligence in the stage from 16 to 18 years old is a book intended for all those coaches who carry out their work with children from 16 to 18 years old and who want to maximize the performance of their players/team through a process meaningful play-based learning.

At this stage, phase 3 of the cognitive tactical model called the child, the team, the rival and the variables of the game begins, where we try to synergistically improve the individual, collective and operational tactics of football by providing the player/team with contexts. training that allow them to identify and resolve individual and collective game situations in order to neutralize and overcome the opposing team.

The book is divided into two clearly differentiated parts, the first of a theoretical nature clearly explains the reasons for this methodology, the objectives of this stage, the importance of the correct application of the teaching style of solving game situations. , the occupation of the playing field in the offensive and defensive phases of the game for the 11-a-side football format, the second of a practical nature presents examples of numerous exercises, sessions and training cycles adapted to this category.

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